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  • PDH Estimating is a complete estimating service to the residential and light commercial industry.

    We have estimated over 6000 projects in the last decade alone! Our estimates have helped countless Builders, Owner Builders, Architects and Developers keep their project’s cost in-check and on budget. We estimate Residences, Extensions, Unit Developments, Commercial projects like Veterinary clinics, Doctors' surgeries, small school building etc. Please call for further details.


    Over 4 Billion Dollars of Residential Construction estimated to date - Australia Wide!


Our services



PDH Estimating provides a complete breakdown of all services, materials and labour costs associated with building a residential or small scale commercial project.


Builders & Developers

“Are you tired of pricing projects in your spare time?” Then let us do it for you. We can apply your own supplied rates to your estimates, thus giving the estimate a more accurate end figure, or you can use our rates to compare and keep your sub-contractors in check!

All costs are broken down into individual items and listed into their respective trades, allowing you to easily locate each individual item and cost.

We can also prepare for you, just to frame, lock-up or the fix stages. We even can just estimate the materials or labour if that’s what you want.
Just ask us!


Project Builders

Have your standard house plans costed with the ability to have those costs updated at your request and also have changes made as per your clients request, easy!



Architects & Designers

Get your designs estimated from the initial sketch stage to ensure that your client can afford to build the project, then, at the working drawing stage or the tender stage, we can review the costing to ensure the project is still within that budget, taking away future stress of unhappy clients who cannot afford to continue with the project.


Owner Builders

Owner builders, from the outset, know what the cost of you project will be and don’t be overcharged by trades because you have no idea of the cost, be armed with an entire breakdown of every cost for each trade and take back control of your budget. Compare our estimated costs with your quotes and then feel confident in negotiating a better deal to finalise your project.


Estimating fees


The last thing you need is another expensive service that adds to the thousands of dollars your project has already costed before you even start to build. We have set out a few examples of the types of projects and what our complete service charge would be. Estimating is a rather straight forward process and the size of a project is not to be considered in relation to the service fee, so don’t pay square metre rates for the estimate as it doesn’t take twice as long to estimate an 600m2 house than one of 300m2. It should be based on time, not size or postcode, just because your project is being built in the inner city and may carry a million dollar price tag makes no difference in how we estimate it!

We don’t charge extra to include decks, outdoor entertainment areas, extensive paving and the like. It’s all part of our inclusive service! Just email or post your drawings to us and we will send you a fee proposal to confirm our service fee and our current timing schedule, but generally we like to allow between 7 to 10 business days from the “OK” to proceed.

Service Example

Here is an example of our pricing based on our “Standard” service level. See below to find out what is included in our “Standard +” and “Premium” levels

Example 1: 300m2 single storey residence – approx. $600 Inc. GST

Example 2: 600m2 double storey residence – approx. $990 Inc. GST

Example 3: Extra-large 2 storey residence above a basement car park
(High end multi million dollar plus project) – approx. $1,650 Inc. GST

Example 4:2 Townhouse development – approx. $1,100 Inc. GST

Example 5: Multi-unit development (4 to 8 units) – approx. $2,200 Inc. GST

Example 6: Small extension to existing residence - $550 Inc. GST

Example 7: Large extension to existing residence - $660 Inc. GST

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We offer you three service levels to choose from, giving you the ability to set the budget for your project, get the project costed in multiple levels of finish so you can determine your budget from the outset, See below to find a level that best suits your needs, and what’s included! All prices Inc. GST.



You receive the following:

  • 1 “Bill of Quantities” priced in your choice or either Budget, Standard or Deluxe level of finish.
  • 1 Specification Document
  • 1 Summary Letter
  • All Emailed to you

Standard +

You receive the following:
  • 2 “Bill of Quantities” priced in your 2 choices of either Budget, Standard or Deluxe level of finish.
  • 2 Specification Documents
  • 2 Summary Letters
  • All Emailed to you


You receive the following:
  • 3 “Bill of Quantities” priced in all 3 levels of finish, Budget, Standard & Deluxe!
  • 3 Specification Documents
  • 3 Summary Letters
  • All emailed and a hard copy express posted to you in a presentation folder
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